Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend wanderings!

Friday I worked 10 to 1 and then hopped over to Trafalgar square to sketch with Zoe for 3 hours. The sun even made an appearance for part of the time! I was sketched out and kind of disappointed with how my drawings were going by the end. I went back to work. Natalia took me (through the secret tunnel!) to see the progress on the Richter show, it opens next Tuesday. I finished my shelf talkers (what does that even mean?) or rather price signs for the shop and sent them off to be okayed. I started work on a contest/ questionnaire project for Natalia. I feel like I have learned that when you are designing something it doesn't have to be artsy or edgy, well sometimes it can be, but it really just has to be clear, thoughtfully organized and to the point. Simple is better. After work Natalia, Maht and Ian took me to the pub across the street. Then we went on an adventure to Farrington with their friend Steve. It was silly and involved a bar that turned your skin purple and your teeth blue full of high class advertisers. Steve gave me a picture of Alice in Wonderland and advised me to think of 6 impossible things before breakfast everyday. Creative people rock. Rock on Steve. I left soon there after.

Saturday I woke up semi early and went to Camden Market! The first 1/2 mile was mostly off color joke screen printed tshirts, drug paraphernalia, platform leather boots with flames and piercing shops, but after we crossed the bridge I felt ten times more comfortable. We spent a good 2 hours going through the handcraft section looking at scarves and jewelry. We stopped along the river to get lunch and then spent another two hours going through the 2nd hand flea market area. It was crazy fun! I wanted to buy everything. Oh and the most notable store, and for sure in the top ten of the most uncomfortable places I've ever been was this store called Cyber dog. Anne and I had to catch our breath from laughing so hard all the way through. It's like if Zennon: girl of the 21st century, you know the disney movie, had a costume designer who started a clothes line. The store was like a rave/ shopping center for mohawk, tatooed and pierced everywhere, space people! check it out yourself! In the picture I'm holding gellato and yes I am wearing CP's coat that I stole from J-term... er uh, I promise to give it back!

I met a whole bunch of AHA kids at Ben Crouch's Tavern for Kim's 21st birthday extravaganza (which I kept calling the Bend and Snap, oh Legally Blonde). We had a ridiculous amount of fun playing hopscotch-soccer, telling people we work at Disneyland as various disney characters, talking our way into a sailor themed dance club, finding night buses, eating way too much McDonalds and Krispie Kreme and walking in cirlces looking for Trafalgar square. It was a good time.

Today was a sleep in day. I did some homework in the morning then I decided to force myself to understand Finchly and Woodside Park. So Wilby (my ipod) and I went for a run. I was gone for about 3 hours. It was so fun! I was very lost for a while but I just kept running and ended up recognizing the bus station we take from the grocery store. On my way I even stumbled into a nursing home (mistaking it for a hotel) where I got a little mini tour, awesome. I met a pickles dog named Henry, he was wearing a sweater and you bet I tried to snuggle him right in the middle of the street (*7 octaves up *... piiiiiiickles!). Ros made us soup and now I am exhausted but so excited for this week! WE ARE GOING TO SCOTLAND!

Consider the following:
"Essex girls" are equivilant to like an OC girl in the states. You know fake tan, mini skirt in winter, bleach blonde girls with reputations. Anyway there is a different part of London called Sussex (distinctly different from Essex) which has no such connotations. Please imagine me trying to talk my way out of my confusion ..."No, no I didn't mean to just call your girlfriend a slut!" Anyhow...


  1. nicole you are so cute in that pic!! i miss you and think we should talk soon! sounds like you are still having a blast. i miss you so much! glad you got to bend and snap lol SCOTLAND!! wow i cant wait to hear about that. what are you doing there?? well i love you and hope you are staying healthy and not forgetting all of us back here :)

  2. What is with this capitalized SCOTLAND all the time?! take me with you.

    also, does Wilbur remember me? We had some good times back in 933, check with him and get back to me askap.

    7 octaves? try 12. PICKLEEEEESSS! taylor exclaims that every once in a while... it's just not the same.

    Hill's right. you are cute.

  3. askap? what does that even mean?? clearly it doesn't.