Thursday, February 5, 2009

And we're off!

I just got back from the theatre (someone pinch me? Or slap me... I'm such a snob!) It is about midnight and I'm exhausted so let's make this quick.

First of all I just saw Hillary and Danielle's beautiful faces! Ah! Hey everyone get skype! It is the best thing ever! Today was busy, busy, busy. It started with a signal failure at Woodside Park. So I finagled a bus route and somehow got us to class less than an hour late! 2 hour commute is an adventure but not something I'd like to do daily. We made the end of our Shakespeare class to meet our eccentric and totally wierd prof. She handed out Othello and told us to read it by next week and finish Midsummer's Night Dream before 7:15pm (when the play starts). We had a longish break so some of us tried to get to the Tate Modern. I made it to the door of the Tate and realized it took us over an hour to get there so I turned back. A least I got tube practice and a great sandwich! I hung out in the student lounge and ate my lunch trying rather unsuccessfully to finish midsummer's night dream. My studio art class started and it turns out I am the only one in the class (which is normal apparently? dear everyone, art is fantastic why the heck wouldn't you do it?!). So basically I have an art tutor who will encourage me to keep up my sketchbook. Awesome! British Masters, my art history class was fun. I am one of two art majors in it. The other art major and I took turns answering every question in class. Oops. This class is going to be a breeze, it's very basic. I walked to ryman's and bought school supplies. I saw Alice in the window at Nero's the coffee shop down the road on my way home. So I got the most beautiful mocha I've ever seen and sat with her to read my shakespeare. We met the rest of the group and walked downtown. I pretended to carry the tour guide flower as we tried to march 15 people through the busy London streets at 5 o'clock. We found the theater and split up to find food. Our group went to delicious and quite fancy italian for less than 7 quid each! Holla! I swtiched with Gary to get a front row (still nose bleed) seat at the theater. The show was so freaking funny! I could have peed my pants several times! I have to say that "the chink in the wall" was my favorite character!!! And it was so much easier to watch than it is to read! There were some creepy doll things happening though that might inspire nightmares. The stage was so cool it was like a mirror on the back wall. At half time (oops I mean intermission) they sold icecream. Kim and I wanted icecream so bad, mostly because we wanted to talk to the man selling it :) The play ended and Sara, Anne and I found our way back to the Northern Line. I almost fell asleep on the way home. We talked in silly British accents as we skidded around in the slush on our way home. Note we did not take the short cut through the dark park. Overall good day! I met quite a few potential new friends today! We all gel quite nicely. I realized how much I miss art major's though after spending a month with them. Theater and English majors are cool too, I guess. Ah tomorrow we have class at the British Museum at 10 and then I meet my new boss for lunch at 39-40 Orange street (what does that even mean?!?! maybe it's like platform nine and three quarters? which is it 39 or 40?) I am terrified. Mostly about picking what shoes I'm going to wear. Then I meet Zoe (my art teacher) at the gallery for art class. And perhaps we will do something fun, scratch that, there will be fun to be had tomorrow night! I really want to go to Maggie's house up in Harrow. I heard it is bomb diggety, mostly because it is a hobbit house with unlimited supply of cookies and blockbuster retals. But everyone else lives in Harrow (NW London as opposited to straight up North) so it seems like the place to be.

Oh hey I was on dreary lane today! No I did not see the muffin man's residence, believe me I looked! This weekend I need to go to Oxford street to find a european payless or tjmax to get boots. Oops I mean wellies (spelling?). Mine were sadly left at the airport in Paris, with holes in the heel and salt stained from the rain. I hope a homeless traveler finds them and is loving them right now.

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  1. chink in the wall?!?! jegliker.
    39-40 orange street? 'what does that even mean' is the appropro response. i asked myself the same question [what was the question?] before getting to the next part of your sentence!
    you left your boots?! I have boots now, so I'll wear them in your honor!