Sunday, February 8, 2009

Photos from London!

12 Cissbury Ring ... Hey look this is my house just after it snowed! It is a lot bigger than it looks. Mostly because it is really long. It's a duplex and some nights we can hear the little boy next door practice piano. The small window above the front door is my room!

And this is my room. Three words to best describe it are as follows: cozy, (the nice word for small that is. Not the same word used to describe a fire because the next word is....) freezing and uh well kind of a mess. Please note the hanging cords over the bed... I was yelled at for that. Also note that I have seventeen blankets on my bed. My new favorite thing is hot water bottles. It's like having Pickles to snuggle with minus the snoring! I want the snow on the roof to melt so my room isn't so freezing!

Friends! Anne and Alice at O'something or other Irish pub eating cake and ice cream! The food is so cheap at pubs! We had BLTs, chips and salad for less than 3 pounds and it was so good! The thing is you don't have to drink in a pub you can just have dinner and enjoy the fun atmosphere. It's like a less family friendly red robin! We witnessed our first (mini) bar fight at this O'something place though! There was some silverware clankage and some storming out and crying and a man's head hit the bar really loudly. It was exhilerating to watch from a safe distance. haha!

And this is me looking rather wind blown next to the London eye. I promise I'm really here! Now
it is photo documented! Look most of the snow is gone now!

Ok it is Othello reading time, I guess, if I have to. I have class til 1 and then my first official day of work tomorrow!!! Wish me luck! Scheduled this week: Theater Wednesday Night Othello, Thursday Night Theater a play tba (maybe) and Friday we have a day trip to Bath! But yay I made it through a week in London! I've officially been gone for 5 weeks now. Miss me yet? Haha!

PS Some people have said my skype name isn't searchable. I changed my skype so now you should be able to search for me. If you still can't find me it's ngleadle or use my email I'd love to hear from you!


  1. What a cozy little house!! I love it. What you need is a fullblast heating system like the one found in T-stad933. I wish I could make arrangements for that... I added you on skype so we can talk face to face (mac to mac) SOON! I miss you everyday nickers!!

  2. miss you yet?? is that a serious question? OF COURSE!!!!!!!! also you would mention that bar fight LOL! haha nickers please come home soon! have you been watching one tree hill??? love ya!