Friday, February 6, 2009

One busy week...

Woke up to more snow.
Toast with peanut butter on the go.
Britain today lecture - 10-11:30
British Museum - 11:42-12:20
#21 bus to Orange Street, changed into heels
1-2:30 lunch with my new boss, Jude. Everyone is chill, enjoys jeans and trainers (tennis shoes) likes to snack and gets design jokes!
Art class - 3:00 Met Zoe at the National Gallery and we sketched fabric folds on Mary Magdalene for 2 hours. At the NG they have little chairs you can rent to sit in front of paintings to sketch. Genius. Louvre take notes! It is funny to me how if you pick the sillyest most insignificant painting to sketch in front of it becomes instantly more popular. Silly, herd mentality. I brushed up on my british painters after Zoe left. Oh hey! Zoe got me those pens I was talking about! And a sketchbook, watercolor paper and a set of pencils! I can't wait to use them! I love having Zoe though. It is forcing me to continue good sketchbook habits. And it is just fun to hang out with an artist and getting her input on my work. I'll post more sketches soon.

I left the NG and melted into a puddle of migrane.
Took the tube home and read the newspaper.
Bought soup, cherry coke and chocolate at the market and tried to pay with a ten euro note. Oops.
I closed the door a little too hard (it is a heavy door) and Ros came out to tell me off. She got after me for leaving my room unlocked and my computer on my bed too. I unwillingly started crying. I didn't mean to make Ros feel bad and I could tell I did. She tried to cheer me up and kept asking me questions about my day and hugging me and feeding me pie and all that. But all I wanted to do was go to my room. I think I am just overwehlmed with the day and the week and my whole experience. Being sick and exhausted doesn't help either. My friends called to hang out in Harrow. I declined, preferring One Tree Hill and skype in my bed to dancing tonight. I think I may be a little homesick.

Sigh. There is so much to look forward to and so much to look back on. But right now I am allowing myself to just be tired and sick and melancholy . All i can say is tgif! Night!

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  1. NG. Nicole Gleadle, National Gallery.
    Who is Ros? is she your fake mother?
    who is Zoe? is she your new romobff?
    If so, I will be t.o.ed!! That's my position in your life!!