Thursday, February 19, 2009

Design Work

Now don't go printing this off and trying to use it. Actually more power to you if you want to try to use it, just notify me when you are in London! This is not the final but try number 71 on the Constable voucher, the marketing people are insane with the number of corrections they want to make! Jonathan sent me 4 emails and called me twice today! "What do you think about tiling it on A4 to make it easier for the printer?" or "Did you know the 14th is a Sunday we can't have it open on a Sunday" and "The sponsor wants the words 'sponsored by' one point bigger and above the logo to the left a little." The guys in the office were being silly and said Jonathan was just looking for an excuse to talk to me. They made a story that involved me getting a permanent visa and becoming Mrs. whatever his last name is. Ha! Jonathan then told me my National Gallery Richter poster was landscape and his sign holder was portrait. Jude bought him a 70p plastic frame and said Nicole is NOT redoing it. I think I am learning how things are done around here. Jude reassured me that it wasn't that my design was bad it's just not easy to create exactly what people have in mind, obey sponsor politics and of course people always want to change their copy. But if you are in Foyle's book store in the next few weeks look for my 2 for 1 double sided voucher! It is finally going to print tomorrow! I am working on the Gala banners with Maht now. Today Ian told me they looked like crap, in a few more words. So I redid them. They have sooo much text on them. So Maht told me to make it look as crammed as possible and send it to the Gala ladies so they are forced to cut some of the text. I made a price sign for the shop real quick like A4 and A6 versions. I went into the Gallery and saw my Family Activity Book sign up at the Information Desk! I stood in front of it for a minute. I wanted to take a picture, but I don't think that's allowed.

Today I was doing drawings on the tube of this sleeping man. He was the most perfect live model because he moved around in his sleep about every five minutes! Ok I told my drawing prof I had 12 sketches and I only have nine. It's time to get out the reference shots!


  1. wow nice graphics! today in ramstad, I was supposed to make posters for a dinner thing for one of our advisors for Impact to put up, and you would be so ashamed. I made them on powerpoint cuz I have no idea how to work publisher or anything. you would have passed them by the swiper and been embarrassed for the wierdo who made them. [me]

    i however am not embarrassed by the graphics you have created. genius!

  2. HI!