Friday, January 16, 2009


Me being silly with a mirror at the Picasso Museum.
I love so many things about this photo. I really shows the dynamic oddness of our group! Michael being Michael at end of the mirror wall. Alisha fixing her makeup, Ashley being quiet in the back, Sarah being awkward in the front and Mackenzie trying to snuggle with me. Haha! We have a lot of fun together! There are seven of us in our group. We all get along well, for the most part.
Gate at Versaille. The angle is awkward because it is in my sketchbook.
This is a 12 inch little piece of wall at Versaille. I love the little details and all the gold everywhere. I feel like palaces like Versaille and the Louvre could be my motivation to marry rich!
Ashley and I outside Versaille sketching! Everyone's mother wanted a picture of us. I am sketching the gate (see above). Cobblestones are freezing to sit on!

This was right before I ruined any sort of art cred I ever had. Dang it Monet and Manet sound so similiar :( From now until forever I will remember Monet -Water Lillies. In this picture is Sarah, me, Ashley and Mackenzie (and Monet).

This is "my man" who keeps showing up everywhere! Last night we turned a corner at the Arc d'triumph and he was there and huge. He is also at the Louvre. Can't you just imagine his speech bubble saying "She said what?!"
Statue at the Louvre. One of my first sketches. Uh a starting point ... if you will.
RER to Versaille. Cool negative space... But there was someone's shoulder in the way and I didnt conciously realize that I was leaving room for it. The lady in the back made me insane because while I was drawing her she took off her jacket, her hat, put up her hair and started eating something. Dear world, please be still while I draw you.

Watercolor isn't going so well for me. But it will and I will post some. Monday we have an art show for our midterm. I am secretly excited to wear my new dress for the opening! It also means I need to work work work! The other class seriously does nothing compared to us. They have class for 2 hours every other day and we have class for like 7 hours everyday with the weekends off. And in the night we have to finish sketches from that day. Anyway I need to finish a still life of lichee I bought at the market before we go shopping this afternoon!


  1. dosh- your sketches are amazing! bah! Please come up with more captions for you "She said what?" man! ha!

  2. I am so excited that you are exploring Europe doing the things that you are best at- it really looks like you're having a great time. and your drawings look like a pro. Did I mention how European you look? Because you totally do. (great skinny jeans and boots if I can say that.) I especially like the one of the man you drew. He is a looker! NICKERS I MISSSSS YOUUUU! Skypay me soon.

  3. Sis-I love coming back and looking at your sketches and photos. Not only because your sketches are fabulous, but also because it makes it seem like you are not halfway around the world. Thanks for drawing the mother and her baby angel for me. Je vous aime. (That's really how you say "I love you" in French. I looked it up! Go me.) Ma