Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hola from Spain!

Monserrat adventure.
Flowers on the edge of the castle wall overlooking the city!
Mac and I trying so hard to take tourist pictures. We cant get out the reference shot habit!

Hey friends! I made it safely and soundly with minimal complications to Spain! Dane and Mackenzie who took the train from Paris found me wandering aimlessly on La Ramblas and took me to our hotel Riel Roma around midday on Monday. Tuesday we went to Segrada Familia, the highlight of any church ever! Oh man! When I was here two summers ago we just saw the outside, but the inside is absolutely breathtaking! We then took a scenic bus tour to the Montjuic Park where we hiked for 3 hours through endless gardens to the Castle overlooking the city and the ocean. Yesterday we took the train up to Monserrat, but unfortunately couldnt go up to the basillica because the funicular was closed for maintence. So we hiked down to the river and ate peaches, sat in the sun and sketched. We took the train to Manresa and had lunch. We had the best tapas EVER last night. We ate at like 11. Things happen so much later here. We are having a wonderful time. Tonight we sent Dane to a soccer game and Mac and I are going to a movie and going shopping for purses. Congratulations to Mackenzie for getting her internship in Marsielle, France!!!! I am so excited for her!!! Tomorrow we are planning a pilgramage to the Dali museum. Saturday I leave for London!

Love you all! I will write again from London!


  1. Hey Nicole, sounds like you are having some pretty awesome adventures. Your sketches are amazing!

  2. Hey sister sounds like you might be having a little bit of fun :p Your paintings/sketches look really good from what i can see :) wish i was there!

  3. Ahhhhh NICOLE THIS IS SO EXCITING AND I really really really am having jealousy problems looking at your pictures! Ah!

  4. WOW! I want to see more of these pictures- it looks incredible! How come I couldn't fit in your suitcase? Someday can we go there together?? senior trip or something-- I would love it! I miss you more each time I read your blog, cuz I wish you were having that fun here, with us! but I know you're loving it-- missing you!

  5. nickers! im having a hard time waiting to skype w/you! anyway im heading home today and then will be back on wed...oh and i have exciting news for you!!! :) anyway i miss you lots! much love

  6. When are you in London? I would very much like to hear from you!