Monday, January 19, 2009

Parisian Pastimes

My first almost, maybe, kind of successful watercolor! Hooray! I was sitting in a bookstore window ledge and all the shops in this little market were closed, but then the bookstore guy came out and yelled at me when it was time to open.
This is a poster for the art show that Karly and I designed. They will be in all of the elevators and around the FIAP. If you are in Paris tomorrow you should stop by! I used some of my gallery skills to hang our pieces this morning! We didn't have a tape measure so I stole my roommate's floss and made things happen.

Last night we went to the French movie theater at the Les Halles metro stop, but most of the movies were in English! We saw Australia (Emily I take back whatever I said before)!!! It was indeed better when you see the whole thing through and I may have almost enjoyed it except I had a migraine. The previews were in French though and it was so funny to watch that new Kate and Leo movie when they are speaking French! Haha! But it was good, a taste of home. I walked out of the theater thinking I was in America and then everyone around me was discussing the movie in French.

Saturday we did a lot of painting and drawing. We had class at noon at the copy center. I slept in past breakfast, which is apparently now in the new resturant on the 1st floor. Everyone is getting tired of crissonts and coco puffs. So today they gave us kix and toast! Ahh so much bread! PS Ma I found my meal card someone turned it into the front desk. And yes I am eating good. My poor bank account can attest to the 6-12 euro a day lunch we have to buy.

Friday was so much freaking fun! We went shopping and I bought the most fabulous shoes ever (for only 14 euro!) Haha. They are bright pink barbie doll pumps! At first I had trouble walking, but I got the hang of it (I have a new respect for America's Next Top Model girls!!!) We picked up Sarah's Norweigian friends and went to the latin quarter. We found an expensive piano bar and got free drinks thanks to Sarah's dress. :) Then we found the best dance club ever with great (american) music. We had so much fun dancing with each other and the occasional french guy. Unfortunately the metro closes at 1 so we had to leave. The metro ride home was almost as fun as the dancing.

But now I have to go, we are meeting Sarah and her brother at San Michel after lunch so we can go to the Per Lachaise Cemetery! Yay!


  1. This is so truly exciting! I promise I've been reading up on your blogs, but not always commenting. I'm glad you liked Australia! but not the migrane part. It sounds like you're having lots of fun and I am looking forward to all of the stories you can tell me in person in the distant future. <3 Have fun and be safe friend!

  2. OOOO so I got a thingy so i can follow your blogs finally!! your old email got lost with all the ones i never deleted, so im here now and you adventures sound like oh so much fun!! im glad you are enjoying yourself! I wish i could be there with yoU!!!!!! cant wait to see your sketches and pictures and ... well YOU of course!!!! miss you, deary! have fun!

  3. NICKERS! great art. did I tell you how I mention you on every tour now? because I do. you are the highlight in every aspiring plu student's life. I can't wait to talk to you!! You look so European fyi.