Thursday, January 22, 2009

Almost done :(

Oh no only three more days in Paris! Sunday morning I leave for Barcelona. And this morning all 4 of us missed breakfast and around 11 find our way out of bed and to the Ed to buy cough drops, Kleenex and cheese tarts. Of course we all have the same cold! We were all kind of cranky as we activated our 2 day museum passes. We made a lengthy list of everything we still wanted to do in Paris. Today we made it to the Catacombs, Pantheon, Notre Dame crypt, Notre Dame top and the tea shop. I like it when we walk with purpose. Wandering is great, but not when you have a painting quota, wet feet and a cold. I was not feeling very good at all so I came back to the FIAP to get some painting and napping done.

Yesterday was a painting day. I slept in and had some much needed alone time. I walked to greek food down the road for lunch. The two men at the greek shop gave me free brownies and candy and practiced their English on me. We had another FIAP soirée at 7. But this was a sit down 4 course meal with live music. I sat with some people from Brazil and some people studying French and architecture from Walnut California. I had the best wine I’ve had thus far. The food was Slavic (the singer was Croatian) and delicious!

Tuesday we had an art demo in the field. We were 30 minutes late because we underestimated the time it would take to get there on the metro. I also underestimated the number of layers I should wear. In my head if it is sunny outside it means I should wear less layers, but in actually there are no clouds so it is freezing! In the demo Michael showed us how to use washes with pen on top to get just the feeling of what you are trying to paint. It frustrated me that my paintings can’t look like his. After the demo I was freezing so I bought 400 degree French onion soup at a café. So good! It started to rain so I went into Sacre Couer to warm up and do some sketching. We took the metro back home. That night we watched the inauguration and had our art show. Yay! Michael gave Karly and I some of the best chocolate ever! Oh man I could barely have one little piece at a time it was so rich! After dinner we went out to celebrate our midterm being over. Don’t worry I am still getting my work done; I was finishing a painting while Karly did my hair to go out. We had a lot of fun at our favorite little American bar in the latin quarter called the Long Hop. It was not a dancing night, but we made it a dancing night! We then had a girls night and watched Sex and the City the movie and snuggled 5 girls on my little bed. Fun, fun!

Tomorrow is another museum day and also Friday! Depending on how much work I get done tonight, I may go ice-skating with a whole bunch of people from our class later! But I have a paper and 4 more paintings to get done before Saturday evening.

I hope everything is well in the states! Oh and I am reading all of your comments! Thank you for commenting friends!!!! <3


  1. As soon as you get your own computer will you post some pictures on facebook? 'some' here means 8-12 albums. Are you getting along with all the people on your trip? do they have nicknames? Do you call anyone there buttlick? please say no. Hillarizzle still won't call me c-licken, but we miss you together every other day. I wish you were here in RCC! Regents and Presidents is next weekend and I want you to be able to bring friends together with me. and eat with them, and change their lives and make PLU feel like their home. It won't quite be the same. TALK to you SOON!! (after you get back from Spain!) i love you knicker-bocker. (what does that even mean??)

  2. nickers!!! i missss you sooooooo much!! but i am glad to hear that you are having the time of your life! i will try to call her c-licken but it makes me miss you so i dont like too :) anyway i cant believe its already time for you to leave paris...time flies when your having fun i guess. your artwork is as beautiful as ever and i cant wait to skype with you soon :) hsm3 comes out on dvd soon lucky for you, you wont have to put up w/us haha have an amazing time in spain, cant wait to see pics of all your adventures, if you will? ( and i know you will) much love!!

  3. Glad to hear that you loved Paris, though I didn't expect anything less. Spain is a pretty wonderful place, so live it up!

    Thats an amazing picture btw. talk to you soon?

  4. Man, that sounds like soooooooo stinking much fun!!! I sooo wish i could go with you! even though i cant paint lol. I hope you are having a wonderful time, and are taking lots and lots of pictures to share when you get home!!! love you lots!!! xoxo ohhh!!! have you sang the paris song from anastasia yet?? "paris holds the key to your heart...." thats all the words I can remember lol lol. <3