Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Gala

The Portrait Gala was Ponce City! Table setting is an art, apparently!
Nice leaf hanging job!
Nicole Gleadle: Banner Designer Extraordinaire! I did three of these signs: Giving tree, Pen portraits and Mystery postcards.

ME AND MY BANNER DESIGN in the gallery!!!!!!

Two weeks ago there was a poncy posh gala at the gallery. New life goal ... be rich, poncy and posh and get invited to Gallery Galas to dress up fancy and spend my money. Naturally I wasn't invited (yet), but I helped with a lot of the design work and the set up. Maht and I hung the shiny prize leaves on a big wooden tree before the gallery closed. At 5 over 100 set up crew people stormed the gallery and lined the front hall with mirror board transforming it into a bar. The lights when down and there were cool colored mood lighting. (My rule for judging prices at restaurants is all about the lighting... I just know that I cannot afford places with mood lighting). Tall lemon holders and perfectly radial cookie patterns. Maht and I went upstairs and each room was set with a different colored velvet table cloth for a sit down dinner. At each place setting was a name card and individual salt and pepper dishes with mini spoons! Like I said this event was the definition of posh! Ian and Natalia told me to sneak in and claim I was the princess of Bulgaria. I had to go to the theater. I left the gala and walked to KFC in the rain. Then to Kilburn for the oddest middle eastern play (Kilburn is to London as Parkland is to Tacoma, no seriously I thought I was going to be eaten by pit bull walking to the theater). The paradox that is my life... sigh.

The day after the gala was like a huge sigh of relief. Both exhibitions (Constable and Richter) were open and the office was a much happier place! I finished my cpd logo for Llorett and finally got a start on the shop quote project. Jude, my boss, took some time off. Natalia and Ian took me to the best place in the history of food ever! Well anyone who knows me, knows I have an affinity for asain food, I just love it so much! This place beats all (mabye not Uni teriyaki next to the bookstore at home), it is called Wagamamas and it is so freaking delicious! Oh and another exciting thing! My questionnaire-contest A5 fliers were in the Constable exhibit! Right next to the shop "shelf talkers" I made and cut (with Captain Exacto of course). I love seeing my stuff up in the gallery!!!
A shelf talker for the shop, not too exciting, but beautiful none the less!
Richter sign for the National Gallery!

More work to come. Right now I'm working on a thing for the Teen Mums program, BP Travel Award Leaflet, some sort of fancy gallery director's event invitation. Jude also signed me up to do my very own display case exhibition this month! Work has been sllllow this week. Yesterday I did nothing, today I did my paper. Tomorrow I have off in the morning. The weather has been so freaking nice! Today Natalia and Ian and I went to the park to eat our lunch and not do work. Mmm.

Words of the week:
flytipper = litterer
knackered = tired
skive (as in skive off) = ditch or play hooky
mongy = retarded, Ian called me this every time id screwed something up and i finally asked him what it means :[

Next blog I will tell you all about my weekend with my MA!!!! Now it is time for me to ponder the SNP's thoughts on Scottish independence in 1500 words and then PRB and Turner in 1000 more!


  1. Regarding 'thoughts on Scottish independence in 1500 words'. I've just had a guest post 'Understanding Scottish Independence' published on as well as my own blog 'The 'Sanitization' of Scottish History' ( If there is anything helpful then you're welcome to use it.

    Michael Follon

  2. you are famous now!! Gosh that's so exciting!!

    knick knackered = nico's tired....

    We gotta skype through the rest of these adventures!